come together.

think big.

change the world!

The Tipping Point

Bookause takes on the unique business outlook of having a for profit mind, with a non-profit heart. Our primary goal is to generate money through book sales while focusing on goals that help better communities. Bookause has dedicated itself to giving a minimum of 50% of its gross earnings back to the customers and communities that help make the company a success through charitable contributions!

Specifically, Bookause is an online retail book store that is powered by, Inc. offering a wide selection of books on thousands of topics at low prices to satisfy any book-lover! We also carry textbooks, children’s books, audiobooks, Kindle books, Kindles and magazines. This gives customers the ability to contribute to a great cause while having the comfort of shopping with a company trusted by many.

Our Drive and Motivation

In every aspect of business Bookause takes into consideration ”The Bigger Picture.” A picture where customers, businesses and communities work together to constantly improve one another with the right equation: INTEGRATE + APPLY + SUPPORT + ENDURE = SUSTAINABILITY


    • Bringing customers and communities closer together through a common business.


    • Putting great practices into effect that stimulate positive change across communities.


    • Helping construct and move innovative ideas to the forefront of society.


    • Continuing to provide certainty, foster innovation and support novel ideas.


    • Steadily strengthening society on social, economical and environmental levels.


The Family

Our Supporters

These are just a few of the many people that support the goals that Bookause are striving to accomplish.
“Without supporters our success wouldn’t be possible!”

  • All
  • Minas Geais - Brazil
  • Atlanta - Georgia
  • Neckarsulm - Germany
  • San Antonio - Texas
  • Saint Louis - Missouri
  • Aurora - Colorado
  • Medellín - Columbia
  • Magee - Mississippi

A Big Thanks

  • Adam was always glad to help and answer any question during the construction of the Bookause website,
    and is incredibly talented when it comes to computer programming.

    Software Engineer
  • Gabriel is a great writer and is responsible for helping to tweak and perfect all of Bookause’s web content.
    He is passionate about what he does and enjoyed every moment of working with him.

    Writer / Content Developer
  • Jim is the individual responsible for all of the magnificent photography throughout the Bookause website
    and social media pages. He’s an awesome person to work with and GREAT at what he does.

  • Kristal has been around since the very beginning. Since Bookause was just a simple idea,
    she has always been extremely supportive and encouraging to keep pushing forward.

    Our Biggest Fan
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